Saturday, 13 March 2010


[11.00 - French Time] How would Dr. Ian Malcolm put it: "The worst idea in the long, sad history of bad ideas". Rumours give the likely to be cancelled Fox flagship show 24 jumping to NBC.

The network and 20th Century Fox Television appear ready to end the long-running hit starring Kiefer Sutherland after this season, the show's eighth ( And when James Hibberd asked Angela Bromstad, president of primetime entertainment at NBC and Universal Media Studios, if she would rule out 24 as a fit for NBC she answered « I wouldn't rule it out. I wouldn't think it's likely, but I wouldn't rule it out » (

The single thought of the troubled NBC picking up 24 looks preposterous regarding a season in hell epitomized by the Jay Leno primetime experience. As the excellent Robert Seidman points out on the TV by the Numbers website, « NBC needs to find its own hits rather than riding someone else’s long-in-tooth retreads into the ground » (

Then come the economics of the show and the economics in general but honestly 24 is four years past its date. Far more interesting would be a revitalization through a blockbuster movie (which seems in the pipeline).

Imagine Jack Bauer on NBC, forcing suspects to watch The Marriage Ref. Or a crossover between 24 and 30 Rock called 24 Rock, with Bauer replacing Jack Donaghy for a day. David Letterman would adore.

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