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[19.37 - French Time] We have received the French-speaking dubbing cast list of The End of Time 1 & 2 (the last Doctor Who special starring David Tennant).

Very appreciated by French-speaking fans, David Manet is of course The Doctor. Daniel Dury is Wilf and the talented Franck Dacquin, who dubs John Simm since Life on Mars, is The Master. Claudio Dos Santos (Greg in Survivors) is Joshua Naismith, and Raphaelle Bruneau is Abigail Naismith.

Geraldine Frippiat, Philippe Allard, Carole Baillen, Mélanie Dermont and Nathalie Hons are respectively Rose, Mickey, Donna, Martha and Jackie. Ioanna Gkizas is Sylvia, Cécile Boland is Lucy Saxon and Jacqueline Ghaye is Sarah Jane Smith.

The excellent Sébastien Hébrant is, as always, Captain Jack, and many fans are asking themselves if Hébrant is dubbing John Barrowman in Desperate Housewives. But if the Doctor Who franchise and DH are dubbed by the same company, Dubbing Brothers, the former is dubbed in Belgium and the latter in France so it's far from guaranteed.

Some parts are dubbed by the following artists: Nicole Shirer (Woman+Minnie) Romain Barbieux (Oods+Ood Sigma), Robert Guilmard (Ood elder+Winston), Alexandre Crepet (Shaun), Fanny Roy (Adams), Fabienne Loriaux (Verity), Gauthier de Fauconval (Luke), Jean-Paul Landresse (Oliver) and Frederic Meaux (Mr Danes).

Amusingly President Obama is dubbed by Jean-Marc Delhausse, who was the voice of Davros in series four! Frédéric Haugness, who told David Tennant's first lines ever in Doctor Who (before decision makers decided to keep David Manet) is Rossiter. The supremely talented Philippe Résimont, one of the finest Belgian stage actors, is the Chancellor.

Patrick Donnay, voice of James Nesbitt in Murphy's Law, is the Narrator/Lord President and, last but not least, Marc Weiss is the regenerated Doctor - as we revealed last month. David Macaluso directs this French-speaking version, with dialogues written by François Dubuc.

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Aurélie Demonchaux said...

Thanks a lot for posting the news !

I'd really like Sébastien Hébrant to dub John Barrowman in Desperate Housewives, he's already done a fantastic job in Doctor Who and Torchwood, I would find it strange now if someone else dubbed Barrowman.