Friday, 23 April 2010


[11.28 - French Time] Director of BBC Vision Jana Bennett answers to questions from readers of The Mirror about all the hot topics concerning the Beeb.

About Doctor Who she acknowledges, like showrunner Steven Moffat recently(, that there are budget cuts. « We try to make savings so we can invest in other programmes », explains Bennett in a piece by Mark Jefferies.

She assures the BBC will not "cash in or trade off" quality. Last month, Steven Moffat said « Budget cuts are tough: I don't like them, but they force you to be creative » (

From what we have seen until now Doctor Who's production values are safe and subtle tricks allow the producers to save some money in order to reinvest elsewhere on the show. The TARDIS is bigger (on the inside...) and more beautiful than ever, there's a spectacular new title sequence with a great rearranged theme by Murray Gold, and some sets like the Cabinet War Rooms in Victory of the Daleks are really impressive.

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Frank Collins said...

Yes, they've cut the budget and it was inevitable considering the dire state of the economy. And it did show in 'Victory Of The Daleks'.

But then they go and spend £1M on that awful 3D trailer for the series that no one really liked. A waste of money that could quite easily have gone towards the programme itself.