Tuesday, 13 April 2010


[20.40 - French Time] Regional newspaper Ouest-France has an interesting article by Pierre Wadoux about the shooting of the French Doc Martin, with even a video.

Filming of Ego Productions's adaptation of Doc Martin has begun in Brittany - in Doëlan (South Finistère), for French network TF1. The six-part series stars Thierry Lhermitte as Martin Le Foll, a misanthropist surgeon from Lyon whose hemophobia forces him to become GP in a village called Port-Garrec. Justine Bruneau plays Clémentine, his secretary.

The French version is the result of a deal between Digital Rights Group, which distributes ITV1's Doc Martin (starring Martin Clunes), and TF1. Ego Productions is a subsidiary of Carrere Group.

http://www.ouest-france.fr/actu/actuDet_-Thierry-Lhermitte-medecin-dans-le-Finistere_39382-1328104_actu.Htm (In French)

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Noots said...

I found this program by accident and love it. I enjoyed the original Doc Martin and this one is almost as good. The adaptation of the original stories is also good.