Saturday, 26 September 2009


Do you know that there's a musical version of The Little House on The Prairie? This is not a joke... At first I thought it was, my daughter adores the song from Planet of the Apes - The musical, from this episode of The Simpsons (« I hate every ape I see. From chimpan-a to chimpan-zee »).

The music of Little House on The Praire: The Musical is written by Rachel Portman and the show features Melissa Gilbert - formerly Laura in the television series. To be perfectly honest this offers me a fantastic pretext to talk about a man who has written a brilliant review on this musical adaptation of a favourite of many TV viewers, Mr David Spencer (

David Spencer has worked as composer-lyricist, lyricist-librettist, and book author. He's also a critic and renowned musical theatre teacher at two prestigious training grounds. David is currently completing negotiations to musicalize Russell T. Davies’ Casanova and since September 15 he has a class called Writing the Musical Theatre Libretto, a class not only for the aspiring librettist, but for any person desiring insight into the craft (

David Spencer is the Webmaster and principal NY drama critic of the theatrical website Aisle Say ( - now in its 15th season. He's a gentleman and a man of high culture and great taste.

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