Sunday, 27 September 2009


Let me do my Bruno Tonioli or my Craig Revel Horwood on this one: 3,4... "Don't remember my name - Fame!"

Panned by critics, the 2009 version of Alan Parker's Fame (MGM) makes a $10M weekend ( In June, your humble servant wrote: « In a world where Simon Cowell is king, I guess it was inevitable but this is not an excuse ». But please Mr Cowell, do accept my apologies - because produced by the mogul behind the Got Talent franchise the movie would have been a hit.

The original Fame was a masterpiece, the subsequent TV series (1982-1987) was one of the great shows of the 1980s. Gene Anthony Ray (Leroy Johnson in the movie and the series) made me like the Art of dance, I could watch the sequences with Desdemona and the Mozart sonata during hours. In 2003, an ill-fated attempt morphed Fame into a reality TV programme produced for NBC by legendary choreographer, actress and director Debbie Allen (who played Lydia Grant in the original movie and in the TV series). Debbie Allen stars in the 2009 movie but not as Lydia.

What now? Fame - The Animated series? One month before my consternation learning that there was a movie remake of Fame coming, I wrote about Fox's new TV series Glee (sorry for the indulgent self quotes): « Glee, on Fox, is fresh air in this rather bleak coming network season. The trailer and clips recall The Kids from Fame with plenty of humor, singing and musical talent, and rythm ». Fox has just ordered a full season of Glee (

P.S.: I did not mention Fame LA? Really?

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