Thursday, 31 December 2009


As series 6 of Hustle arrives on BBC One next monday, Digital Spy offers us exclusive interviews with members of Mickey's team. First: Matt Di Angelo, one of the two additions to the cast last year with Kelly Adams.

Series 5 brought Hustle back on tracks after two awfully forgettable series, a pause of almost two years, and a pathetic Italian Job cliffhanger. Series 4, without the charismatic and talented Adrian Lester (trying his luck in the US) as Mickey "Bricks" Stone, focused on Marc Warren as Danny Blue in the shoes of the team leader. The iconic Mr Robert Vaughn became de facto star of the show as Albert Stroller (for the satisfaction of US then co-funder, AMC) and Hustle became a shallow self-indulgent parody of Ocean's Eleven customized for the American market.

Hustle started practically from scratch with the brilliant recession-centric series 5. Lester came back after the terribly embarassing Bonekickers, one of the worst British shows ever made (1). Exit Marc Warren and Jaime Murray and with them the annoying "Danny and Stacie show", idem for Ashley Walters (added as Billy Bond in series 4). And the two new cast members, Kelly Adams and Matt Di Angelo, entered as brother-sister duo Emma and Sean Kennedy.

The Kennedy siblings are a great addition to the team and it's fortunate to see them again in the new series. The show is relocated to Birmingham (with scenes shot in London) but the excellent Rob Jarvis is still there as Eddie - the "sixth musketeer" of the Hustle family. Robert Glenister is of course Ash Morgan.

Does someone at Thames House know that Ash is posing as the Home Secretary?

(1) With Demons, Spooks Code 9 and Paradox.

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