Monday, 23 November 2009


[6.49 - French Time] Shown since 2006, Incroyable Talent ("Incredible talent") is the French adaptation of Simon Cowell's Got Talent franchise. Tomorrow night on private channel M6 starts the revamped version of the show, now titled La France a un incroyable talent ("France's got an incredible talent").

In spite of the fact that your humble servant is still searching what can be France's "incroyable talent" there is absolutely now doubt that the changes on this new season (the fourth) are the result of the amazing global impact of Susan Boyle in Britain's Got Talent and of the wish of production company FremantleMedia to relate the French version to its British counterpart. So there's a new title, a new logo closer to BGT - we can suppose there's a new theme intro too - and there's even a new jury.

On season 1, the judges were Sophie Edelstein (artistic director of the prestigious Pinder Circus), Jean-Pierre Domboy (artistic agent), and producer from Quebec Gilbert Rozon (founder and president of the Just for Laughs Festival). For season 2 ballet dancer Patrick Dupond replaced Jean-Pierre Domboy and the trio remained for season 3. But this year only Gilbert Rozon comes back. Edelstein and Dupond are replaced by actress/director Valérie Stroh and comedian Smaïn.

Presenter of seasons 1 to 3, Alessandra Sublet - gone to television public service - is replaced by Sandrine Corman and Alex Goude. Interestingly La France a un incroyable talent will have a companion show called La France a un incroyable talent, ça continue and presented by Jérôme Anthony and comic Anthony Joubert. The ideal would have been to put the duo as presenters of the main show, like Ant & Dec in the Brit edition, but the idea comes probably from BGT anyway.

We'll see if this makeover will match the American and British versions without mimic them and if there's a SuBo Effect a la Française. World, get ready for Susanne Boule!

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