Thursday, 12 November 2009


You won't get it.

[Absolutely No Spoiler Alert!] Brian Lowry (Variety) reviews the AMC miniseries remake of The Prisoner starting next week on US cable channel AMC. If I know what to think of the idea of a "reinvention" of Patrick McGoohan's masterpiece and of the far too long Comic-Con trailer, I don't know what to think about this review.

Great lines of Brian Lowry's piece: « Granted, Ian McKellen could hold an audience by reading from a dictionary ». It's so true that I hear that many viewers will watch for McKellen, who plays Two. I also like Lowry's « Disney backlot-type surroundings », in June I wrote about « glimpses of a Disneyland meets Meadowlands Village ».

At least, unlike Anna in the V remake, Two doesn't blink. Don't blink.

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