Thursday, 10 September 2009


Birthday cakes, Our Man in Austria, Nikki Finke in top shape. Ingrid... The Nobody does it Better edition (« Makes me feel sad for the rest »).


Cathode Ray Tube (, the quintessence of British Pop culture blogs - I don't remember who said that - is two years old. In april I wrote that Frank Collins is an erudite specialist of Doctor Who but Frank is actually a specialist of so many subjects... If you're not a regular reader already just visit Cathode Ray Tube and enjoy. Happy Birthday.

We also wish a happy birthday to BrontëBlog (, the indispensable reference on the life and work of the Brontë family. We mentioned them recently about ITV1's great adaptation of Wuthering Heights with Tom Hardy (now my favourite Heathcliff after Timothy Dalton). BrontëBlog is four years old this week.


Quantum of Bond ( is back after a short summer break. The blog of cinema journalist Philippe Lombard - author of major books on The Pink Panther or OSS 117 - covers the 007 franchise through anecdotes (Universal Exports, "Churchill's head", stunts...), photos, ads, magazine covers, items of the journalist's own collection and many details about the universe of 007.

And this month Philippe brings back some interesting photo material from Bregenz (Austria), one of the locations of Quantum of Solace. The blog is in French but begins to earn a deserved recognition amongst English-speaking James Bond aficionados.


Nikki Finke is busy keeping the higher standards we are used to with her brand new, formerly Deadline Hollywood Daily ( But she found some little time between her exclusive news about the birth of DC Entertainment ( to take care of a young lady working on the promotion of The Good Wife, the new CBS show starring Julianna Margulies.

Perhaps this young lady didn't know who Nikki is but it seems that her job of the moment consists in offering $20 Amazon gift certificates to journalists just to consider mentioning the show ( Except that the Canterbury's Law DVD box set costs $20.99 on Amazon. Life is unfair.

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FRANK said...

Thank you (and merci, of course), Thierry for your very kind comments regarding Cathode Ray Tube.

Plenty more Doctor Who on its way and lots more!