Wednesday, 24 February 2010


[7.00 - French Time] Roland Emmerich, the director/producer of the disaster movie 2012, told MovieWeb that 2013 - the television spinoff of the blockbuster - has been put on hold because of budget constraints.

The only thing truly fascinating with the idea was that, according to a piece from Entertainment Weekly, the show would have been on... ABC - the network behind FlashForward and V ( « After the six-month flashforward and the giant spaceships, now the world after its end. If it is true that ABC picks up the show they'll have to rebrand the network "FEMABC" », wrote your humble servant in November.

But with FlashForward being a disaster of its own kind and the misfortunes of NBC's "survivoresque" Day One (about the residents of a Southern California apartment complex following a mysterious catastrophe) (1), no wonder why Emmerich's end of the world could be "definitive".

The Mayans didn't predict recession and the end of heavily serialized dramas.

(1) The project went from a 13-episode series to a four-part miniseries before melting down to a TV movie! (

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