Saturday, 6 February 2010


[9.00 - French Time] Variety reports that FlashForward showrunner/co-creator David Goyer is leaving his role as showrunner on the ABC series. He will continue as an exec producer.

Goyer is the second showrunner to leave the "high-concept" drama after Marc Guggenheim in the fall. David Goyer wants to focus on his film career - his feature writing credits include Batman Begins and The Dark Knight (

Overhyped as the next Lost, FlashForward struggled in the ratings before a pre-scheduled hiatus (the show returns on March 18). Like ABC's other high-concept genre show, V, which lost 35% of its audience (14.3 million to 9.3 million) over just four airings last fall (

The troubles of V and FlashForward will certainly nail the coffin of heavily serialized dramas ( after the finale of Lost on ABC. Anyway they are not a surprise for the readers of this blog.

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