Friday, 26 February 2010


[10.20 - French Time] The newly created Working Title Television, a joint venture between Brititish-based Working Title Films (owned by NBC Universal) and NBC Universal International, plans TV adaptations of the Brit company's movie hits.

These TV shows would be aimed at American audiences but potentially exportable or remade in a range of countries, reports Maggie Brown on The Guardian website. Bridget Jones, Billy Elliot and Nanny McPhee are among the possibilities considered.

NBC Universal is encouraged by its local versions of the Law & Order franchise existing in France, Russia and in the UK. Maggie Brown writes that a new series of Law & Order UK is in production and that the media conglomerate could possibly remake classics like Columbo and Murder She Wrote the same way.

A British remake of Murder She Wrote? Er, ever heard of Miss Marple?

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