Wednesday, 3 February 2010


[21.40 - French Time] Virginia Madsen will be the lead in ABC's dramedy Scoundrels, an eight-episode show due to be aired this summer.

Scoundrels is the US version of Outrageous Fortune, a comedy/drama from New Zealand with a more than prestigious reputation. Shown in its country on commercial TV station TV3 since 2005, it is the longest-running local drama and a cult favourite in New Zealand. Created by James Griffin and Rachel Lang, Outrageous Fortune is about Cheryl West (Robyn Malcolm), wife of a criminal sentenced to four years, who decides to move out her family of the crime business.

In the UK ITV remade the Kiwi show as Honest (2008), with Amanda Redman - star of BBC's New Tricks. And Scoundrels is the second attempt by ABC to adapt Outrageous Fortune in the US after a pilot called Good Behavior (2008), with Catherine O'Hara.

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