Friday, 19 February 2010


[15.20 - French Time] BBC Worldwide, the BBC's commercial arm, is working on strategies to create drama franchises of the scale of 24 and Heroes, reports Broadcast.

Steve Macallister, MD sales and distribution, wants to provide an alternative to the dominance of US studios as BBC Worldwide prepares to welcome 500 buyers from around the world for the four day BBC Showcase. The event begins on Sunday 21 February in Brighton.

« We are the biggest distributor of finished TV shows outside of the Hollywood studios - a genuine alternative - and our intention is to grow and rival those studios more, competing for market share », said Macallister, naming 24, Lost and Heroes as examples he would like BBC Worldwide to match in terms of international success (

The declarations of Steve Macallister come after indie producers like Stephen Garrett, boss of Kudos (Spooks, Hustle), expressed their worries about the future of British drama in an economic climate weighed down by the BBC budget cuts (

The BBC likes franchises, Doctor Who is one of its most lucratives. And Matt Smith, the new Doctor, will be at Showcase like Benedict Cumberbatch - Sherlock Holmes in the new Steven Moffat series. And those who argue that the Beeb should take example on HBO's The Wire will appreciate Luther, a new crime drama series starring Idris Elba, and which will be making its international debut at Showcase.

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