Friday, 29 January 2010


[19.10 - French Time] According to Digital Spy, referring to an article of The Daily Mail, John Barrowman will join the cast of Desperate Housewives in March for several episodes of the ABC drama.

The episodes will be aired this spring and the actor is said to play a villain (what else a UK born actor would play in Hollywoodland?) Should the news be confirmed, the agenda of John Barrowman would certainly impact the probabilities of a series 4 of Torchwood or of his presence in the US pilot for a Fox remake/reboot or whatever you call it.

And let's hope for him that he'd have more luck with the DH scripts than in his previous attempt in the genre, Titans (2000), a laughable 13 episode Aaron Spelling supersoap for NBC.

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Marmidotte said...

Honestly, I'd rather NOT see him in a Torchwood US, I have yet to see an US version of a UK drama that went well...