Friday, 22 January 2010


[13.30 - French Time] John Nettles is DCI Tom Barnaby in ITV's Midsomer Murders since 1997. Last year he announced that he is giving up his role at the end of the next series, the 13th. His last episode will be episode 82 and Nettles will shoot his final scene in August .

In Midsomer Murders, adapted from the books of Caroline Graham by Anthony Horowitz, DCI Barnaby and his deputy investigate an endless series of (unrelated) murders most horrid in the fictional county of Midsomer - where they now probably have to hire inhabitants in order to keep practicing this local passtime that is assassination.

The Daily Mail website publishes today a very interesting article about John Nettles leaving Midsomer, where the actor (who will remain Jim Bergerac for your humble servant) discusses his exit, his reasons, and how he will make it as modest as possible (

ITV and exec producers are searching for Nettles's replacement and speculation is growing. The names circulating to replace him include Nat Parker, Rupert Penry-Jones (Whitechapel), Jason Isaacs, Bradley Walsh (Law & Order: UK), Jason Durr, Alastair MacKenzie, or Philip "Gene Hunt" Glenister ( The very talented Michael Kitchen (Foyle's War) is also named and many consider he would be absolutely perfect. My readers know my humble opinion about the show but I believe Kitchen would indeed be a great successor to John Nettles.

Midsomer Murders is a global hit. Interestingly John Nettles talks a little about dubbing (1) in the Daily Mail piece, and he compliments the French actor who dubs him for French-speaking countries. Hervé Jolly is the French voice of Nettles since Bergerac - which is virtually unknown in France unlike Inspecteur Barnaby. The show will have to get a new title here.

Update (February 9):

(1) I find John Nettles very harsh with his German voice, the excellent Norbert Langer (


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