Friday, 15 January 2010


[Updated] Material Girl started yesterday evening on BBC One.

This 6 X 52 minute fashion drama, produced by Carnival Film & Television, stars Lenora Crichlow as Ali Redcliffe. Ali is a wannabe fashion designer and when she doesn't get her big break in Paris as official bras droit of her boss, star designer Davina Bailey (nicknamed "The Wicked Witch") she leaves her position. But when businessman Marco Keriliak offers Ali to help her to launch her own brand she accepts even if this means war with Davina.

The British answer to Ugly Betty? No the fashionista answer to Big Top, this sitcom with Amanda Holden as a circus ringmistress. Thank God the budget is far from US TV standards because the script is cliché-ridden and it's almost painful to see a waste of such talents like Dervla Kirwan - who plays Ali's nemesis, Michael Landes (Marco) or even Malcolm Sinclair as a Snidely Whiplashian character named Mitchell.

Of course Lenora Crichlow also stars in the ever excellent Being Human on BBC Three. Good for her.

Update (21.00 - French Time): Ouch! 3.02m viewers across the 8pm hour for Material Girl. 9.3m for Emmerdale at 8pm, and 9.7m for Corrie (Coronation Street) at 8.30pm. (

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