Monday, 18 January 2010


[Updated] According to The Hollywood Reporter, the project of an updated version of Hawaii Five-O by golden writers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci (the Transformers franchise, M:I III) and CSI: NY executive producer Peter Lenkov is now officially a reality.

In the original (1968-1980) Jack Lord was Steve McGarrett, the boss of a Hawaii State Police elite squad. McGarrett was only accountable to the Governor of Hawaii. The idea of a Five-O revival is one of US television's wildest dreams since a long time. In 1997, Stephen J. Cannell produced an unsold pilot with Gary Busey and Russell Wong. 11 years later, Ed Bernero - showrunner of Criminal Minds - worked on a new version project before going on other things (

Regular readers of this blog know my humble opinion on a return of Hawaii-Five-O in the 21st century. The original is the show of one man: Jack Lord. Times were different and a character like recurring archvillain Wo Fat (McGarrett's nemesis played by Khigh Dheigh) seems unconceivable in our politically correct world.

Hollywood nobilities like Gary Sinise or Laurence Fishburne star in the CSI franchise. Who will be the next A-lister to jump aboard the TV bandwagon and be Steve McGarrett 2010? Bruce Willis, Mel Gibson, Michael Douglas?

Who are you (Who? Who?)

Update (January 18): According to Michael Aussiello, CBS is courting Alex O'Loughlin (Moonlight, Three Rivers) to star in the new Hawaii Five-O! (

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