Wednesday, 27 January 2010


[18.00 - French Time] Exclusive interview of Shane Brennan , the boss of NCIS and its spin-off show, NCIS: Los Angeles, by the excellent Michael Aussiello for Entertainment Weekly. Some may find it a shocker but we learn that a character is written out. Maybe will see that character again (or not), read the interview for details, but the news is rather interesting.

If NCIS: Los Angeles is a hit for CBS, this character (permanent?) exit is not a surprise as the interaction between members of the L.A. branch of NCIS is the main problem of the show. Remember what made the original a hit and a favourite among viewers is the relationship between the NCIS agents, the wit, the situations and a strong characterization.

Actually the most interesting asset of NCIS: Los Angeles is not the dynamic duo Chris O'Donnell/LL Cool J but the wonderful American actress Linda Hunt as their boss, Hetty. Criminal Minds and House spin-off series are in consideration but the question is: what can a spin-off bring beyond the "franchise" aspect?

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