Friday, 8 January 2010


News about the French-speaking dubbing of two BBC series this week on the French version of this humble blog: Doctor Who and Survivors (the 2008 show).

We publish an interview of François Dubuc, author of the French dialogues of The Next Doctor, one of the Doctor Who specials. He's one of the two newly appointed permanent dubbing adapters (with Chantal Bugalski) and his work on his first special is praised by French-speaking fans, which is a premiere after years of difficulties on the adaptation front - to the point that your humble servant came to give some help as a consultant for series 3.

François Dubuc is familiar with important BBC shows as he's the co-author of the French-dialogues of The State Within and the way he came to work on Doctor Who with a lot of respect is very appreciated. (Part 1 - In French)
(Part 2 - In French)

And today we received information on the French-speaking dubbing of Survivors. Series 1 starts on French digital terrestrial channel NRJ12 next week (the same day BBC One starts series 2). The dubbing of Survivors benefits of an experimented and competent dubbing director and a first-class vocal casting. (In French)

Update (January 9): After their very interesting Tube Talk's Hustle Week, Digital Spy goes on with Tube Talk's Survivors Week - a series of interviews with actors of Survivors (

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